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March 18, 2019 4 min read

Aromatherapy is fast becoming a popular form of medical therapy. Synthetic medicinal drugs have been criticised for their chemical-based drugs which are alleged to cause chronic health conditions to the body. Therefore, human beings are gravitating towards organic-oriented treatments which are derived from natural plants.

Massage has been known for its therapeutic benefits for very many years. In ancient China and Japan, it was used as the main curative method for diseases and injuries. For very many years, it became a fundamental therapeutic measure until the invention of technology and advanced forms of therapy.Massage became a complementary curative intervention for severe or chronic disease that attacked the psyche and the general recovery of the body after a severe accident or disease. Since very many people are becoming particular with what goes into their bodies, non-medicinal therapies have become a prevalent form of remedy for health-conscious individuals. These forms of treatment include natural procedures like aromatherapy which uses the scent of essential oils to cure diseases. Hence, this feature will discuss some benefits of using aromatherapy to cure diseases.


How Aromatherapy Works

Aromatherapy is a comprehensive form of non-medical response to health problems. It uses scented essential oils to enhance the physical, emotional and psychological state of a victim. The natural plants' extracts are distilled by being exposed to very high temperatures. The high temperature used in the process was integral in releasing the medicinal properties from the plants. An example of such a plant is the lavender whose aroma was used to cure burns. The essential oils were absorbed into the body through smearing and thorough massage.


Benefits of Massage Aromatherapy

Burns is not the only condition that was remedied by this process. The main AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE BENEFITS include;

- Reduces stress

Stress is regularly countered by among other methods, therapy, and consumption of several drugs to mitigate the effects of stress. For this process to be successful, it is known that the patient has to visit a medical center or contact a doctor constantly which can be monotonous and very consuming both financially and energy-wise.

Then in comes aromatherapy. Aromatherapy uses natural plants and oils in massage therapy to cure some diseases in the body. What makes this form of treatment exceptional is the combination of different therapeutic interventions to help alleviate the symptoms of stress and the actual effects of stress.The most notable plants that help with aromatherapy include bergamot, lemon oil, lavender, peppermints, and vetiver. These plants share a common factor; they all possess a very aromatic scent which is harnessed to help relieve stress.

- Fights Depression

This comprehensive response towards aromatherapy has been well documented. However, according to some recent research, a dedicated regime of aromatherapy has been found to cure depression. The rich oil in the aromatic plants used for the therapy is released during the massage therapy. The scented aromas are absorbed into the body through the nose or the skin. These scents activate the smell detectors in the nose which regulate chemicals that initiate depression.

Despite aromatherapy massage showing some levels of success in reduction of stress, its exclusive use for the alleviation of stress and its effects should be wholly encouraged. It is effectively used to cure depression when combined with other health interventions.

- Improves Memory

Aromatherapy massage uses the rubbing of essential oils on the body to alleviate the tension on the muscles and bones. The assortment of smells that are released during the massage helps a patient to relax. Furthermore, a professional massage therapy session which is accompanied by the use of essential oils aid in making a patient relax.

The state of relaxation and peace cultivate by aromatherapy gives a person that sense of clarity. The clarity of thoughts and the conducive atmosphere enhanced by the essential oils helps in making the victim feel at ease and comfortable. That state of peace is a suitable state for the victim to remember things that they had forgotten. Moreover, the smells can trigger some underlying emotions which can in turn help in remembering some forgotten facts. Sage oil is frequently used for this purpose.

- Boosts Energy Levels

General massage has been used for very many years to ease pressure on critical points in the body. Massage therapy assists in making the body light and free from loads associated with the stress of work and the world around you. When these elements are blended with the therapeutic aroma from the essential oils used in aromatherapy, they give a victim a new lease of life.

The therapy sessions improve the circulation of blood in all parts of the body. This blood keeps the brain alert and able to enhance several functions in the body.
The aroma pumps new energy levels into the body of s victim which gives a person the energy and confidence required to tackle every problem that comes.
The natural oil extracts used for this function originates from an assorted list of black pepper, rosemary, sage, tea tree, cardamom, clove, and cinnamon.

- Enhances Recovery Levels

Aromatherapy massage helps in healing of internal and external conditions that are threatening the body. In general, massage has been employed to correct the effects of accidents. However, aromatherapy cures both external and internal health conditions.

Hence, its success in curing both internal and external health conditions has made it a prime therapeutic intervention for very many conditions which initially were treated by medicine. If used correctly, this therapeutic measure helps in facilitating fast recovery after a medical operation.

The oil extracts secrete anti-microbial effects which help in recuperation after an injury or contracting a disease in the body. The plants that contain these properties include the lavender, calendula, buckthorn, and rosehip. They contain medicinal properties which replenish exhausted reserves in the body.


Aromatherapy is a very effective health intervention that has shown a significant measure of success when used to cure diseases. However, its effects take some time to be experienced and take effect. This is because the process focuses on healing people through sessions of massages and the use of essential oils. And therefore, it should be accompanied with curative care so that it can be more effective and successful.

Alex G
Alex G