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June 21, 2021 2 min read

             Having a hand massager will help you reduce the pain from many conditions like arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, numbness, and neuropathy. The hands are a delicate structure with muscles, joints, and bones vulnerable to injury. The benefits of having a hand massage will allow you to have a better mood, less anxiety, lower your blood pressure, and even help you to improve your sleep.

The best way to start using a hand massager is to do it daily for a short period. Try to start with 15 minutes and low pressure as your hands get used to it. The distribution of acupuncture points will provide a massage that meets the demands of your hand according to its structure. You can add heat to improve the feeling and have a fantastic session. Here are some tips you can implement to make the experience even more relaxing.

  • Make sure to be in a comfortable position and your hand massager fully charge.
  • Do not forget to wash your hands before starting your massage to keep the massager clean.
  • Avoid any sharp jewelry that can damage the inside material of the hand massager 
  • Place the hand massager on a flat surface.
  • Start with the lowest intensity level and increase according to your needs.
  •  Add vibration and heat to upgrade the massage experience.

While you start to implement the hang massager into your daily routine, you will start to feel improvements and positive changes.

  • Restore balance in the body: some major body parts have nerves ending on the hands. When specific points of your hand are stimulated, it will release the tension and remove any blockage.
  • The relaxation provided by the massage will release serotonin in the brain, decreasing anxiety and improving your mood.
  • Increase flexibility in wrists and fingers by releasing the tension and pain from stiffness.
  • Decrease any swelling caused by liquid retention. When massage the liquid will drain and release from the hand area improving movement.
  • Improve blood circulation: Stimulating your hand with compression will aloud blood flowing to your muscle and help ease the pain from arthritis and Raynaud's phenomenon, a condition caused by a contracting blood vessel that results in decreased blood flow to the fingers and toes
  • If you suffer from headaches, stimulating the reflexology point in your hand by applying pressure, will release the tension in your head. 

The benefits of massaging your hands are abundant by improving your health in many ways. A hand massager is a useful tool that will allow you to feel the wonders of having a massage after a long day of work or before going to bed allowing you to relax, enjoy and recharge your full body with energy.

Paul Bloj
Paul Bloj