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Our Family Brand Story



Hello, health and relaxation enthusiasts!

My name is Sarah, I’m a 40-year-old proud mother of a beautiful daughter.

Our history dates back to when I was a Sales Consultant for a large company in Chicago. My job required me to be on my computer for a long time. So, I started to experience carpal tunnel pain in my wrists, especially on the right hand.

I’ve always been a healthy person. But between my family and all the obligations of my life, I barely had time to give my body the attention that requires. 

I was devastated when on my wedding anniversary I could hardly enjoy it, because of the pain I was experiencing. That's when my husband recommended that I should go and see a specialist.

The human body can’t spend many hours without resting because being in the computer for a long period accelerates tiredness and fatigue and consequently increases the risk of developing carpal tunnel and arthritis problems, due to stress on the bones, joints, tendons, said the specialist.

I was really worried about the consequences this could bring to my life, so I tried to find answers with my co-workers, but they were as worried as me, something needed to be done.

That's when Lunix came to my mind, hiring a masseur wasn't an option without breaking my bank account and all the hand massagers in the market were good products but I needed something easy-to-carry, sturdy, with different levels for my sensitive hands and (most importantly) one that I could use anywhere.

So, I decided to develop Lunix covering all the blank spots and with all the features that were missing in the market.

Since then, we have overseen forming a team of professionals who work every day intending to provide practical solutions for people like you and me.

Thank you for choosing Lunix and joining our vision to not only relieve pain but also improve different aspects of your daily life!