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Hello health and relaxation enthusiasts!

My name is Sarah, I’m a 40-year-old proud mother of a beautiful daughter. I work in the Sales & Management department for a large company in Chicago. My job keeps me standing most of the time, so when I get home I’m often really exhausted. 

Right after I graduated from college I started experiencing foot pain.  After I got my first sales job, my foot pain gradually increased, but I learned to live with it. I remember one Friday night, after a long week at the office, full of meetings and presentations, I couldn’t wear my high heels to go out for my wedding anniversary dinner. Even worst than that, I could barely walk because of the pain. So my husband recommended that I see a specialist. 

I learned from the specialist that being on my feet for 10+ hours per day was aggravating my chronic foot pain. But I was lucky compared to my friend Samantha, who was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and arthritis because of standing on hard surfaces that damaged her plantar fascia. Hearing that this is a common problem nowadays, I went to the office the next day and asked my colleagues if they encountered the same foot pain and what they did about it. 
Something had to be done. I wanted to find a treatment or at least, a pain-reliever that could help me in everyday life and most importantly that could help me with my productivity at work. This is when the Lunix journey began… 

I had to find a way to relieve the pain without breaking the bank. 

Having a foot massager could definitely relieve foot pain but I also needed something easy-to carry, sturdy, with hypoallergenic covers for my sensitive feet and (most importantly) a foot massager that I could use anywhere. Finding the perfect foot massager was not an easy task. They all looked pretty similar and offered similar features. But none of them had the specifics that I needed. So I decided I should create my own foot massager with all the features and options for someone like me. 

That’s when Lunix was born…

I designed the Lunix foot massager with the core desire of relieving people’s foot pain and improving their lives. It is madeof durable materials and built for intense use; it has 4 program modes and 3 intensity levels to meet everyone’s need; it has a HEAT setting that can be turned on or off; it comes with an extra pair of antibacterial cotton sleeves; it has a remote control for added convenience; and it is easy to carry if  you want to bring it to  your office. 

To obtain the best possible product, I focused on quality and safety. Thus, the Lunix foot massager has FDA and UL safety certificates. 

When I took the Lunix foot massager to work, everyone from the office asked where they could get one too. That’s when I knew Lunix was going to be much more than a simple solution to my foot pain.  Improving  people’s quality of life, health and productivity is my passion. 

Thank you for choosing Lunix and for joining our mission to relieve foot pain and improve quality of life!