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March 18, 2019 4 min read

Arthritis is a condition that has affected millions of people around the world. One of the major symptoms of arthritis is pain around the joints. The pain is caused by inflammation and swelling. Arthritis can affect both the young and old. Arthritis pain can be stressful and frustrating such that it affects a person's lifestyle. Over the counter medicines are very expensive, have side effects and do not give maximum relief from arthritis pain, and many people have resulted in natural relief methods. If you have arthritis, finding natural relief is very important. Below are ways of getting relief from arthritis pain naturally.

1. Lose weight

The first way to get relief from arthritis pain naturally is by losing weight. Weight is one of the causes of arthritis pain. When you are overweight, you put more strain on your joints, and this may worsen the pain. If you have arthritis, make sure you find out your ideal weight and maintain it. Losing weight will not only give you relief from arthritis pain but also protect you from weight-related problems. There are various ways of losing weight, and you should consider the most appropriate for you.

2. Dietary changes

It is important to be cautious of what you eat as it may trigger the arthritis pain. You should cut down your intake of alcohol and caffeine as they will cause stress on the body tissues. Instead, you should consider taking balanced diets such as food rich in omega 3 and fatty acids. Avoid eating foods that increase the uric acid levels such as beef, pork, and refined foods. It is recommended to talk to a nutritionist who will advise you on the right foods to eat and those to avoid. Besides, having a nutrition plan is one healthy way to help deal with arthritis.

3. Workout regularly

Different exercises can help relieve arthritis pain. You should consider low impact exercises that will not add pressure and stress to your joints. They include swimming and aerobics. These exercises help your joints to be more flexible, eliminates the swelling and inflammation. However, you should avoid some exercises such as running and walking long distances as they will cause more stress and pain on your joints. Exercises are important as they will also contribute to your weight loss. Nonetheless, while doing exercise, be sure to take precautionary measures in order not to cause more pain on the joints and worsen the situation.

4. Massage

Massage is one of the best arthritis pain relievers. It works faster compared to other natural methods of pain relief. If you suffer from arthritis pain, you should go for massage regularly. Massages work by eliminating the pain and swelling of the joints as they enhance the circulation of blood on the affected areas. For the massage to be effective, you should use natural products such as castor oil, heated vinegar, and essential oils. These oils are essential as they cause relaxation around the painful joints. Alternatively, you can find a local massage store that has professionals who are trained to offer massage to people suffering from arthritis pain.

5. Hot and Cold Therapy

Hot and cold therapy has become popular among many arthritis patients. The hot and cold therapies are easy processes that you can do at home. For the hot therapy, you can either take long hot or warm showers preferably in the morning or use a heating pad which is mostly done at night. The hot therapy helps with relaxation of the joint which relieves pain. For cold therapy, you should use ice packs or cold pads on the affected joints. They work by eliminating the swelling and inflammation which causes the pain. The cold and hot therapy works within around 10 minutes and gives relief throughout the day.

6. Have enough rest and sleep

If you are an arthritis patient, it is important that you have enough rest and sleep. When your body is overworked, the joints are stressed out, and this may lead to pain. If your work is involving, you should take breaks in between the working time and rest. Additionally, ensure that you have enough sleep each night. Sleeping for at least six hours helps your body to relax and reduces the pain in the joints. If you have difficulties finding sleep due to the pain, you can consider relaxation techniques such as meditation. Meditation is a good way of relaxing and managing pain.

7. Take herbal supplements

Today, there are many herbal supplements that you can get in the market. Most of these herbal supplements are known to relieve joint pain which is caused by arthritis. Before you start taking the herbal supplements, make sure you research the ingredients to make sure there are no side effects. You should inform your physician before taking the natural supplements to avoid drug interactions if you are on other medications. The advantages of using herbal supplements are that they are cheap and effective.

8. Divert your attention from the pain

If you are suffering from arthritis pain, you should consider diverting your attention from the pain. You can start by enjoying your hobbies and interests. Find your favorite movies and book to keep you busy. When your mind is diverted from the pain, your lifestyle will improve drastically.

Arthritis pain can be managed easily when you follow the above tips. If you are an arthritis patient, do not continue suffering as there are easy ways that you can find relief for the pain. Make sure that you find the one that works for you and go for it. The above methods are effective in relieving pain, cost-saving and do not have side effects compared to medications. However, if all the above does not work out for you, do not take chances seek a medical attention and have your doctor assess the situation before it gets out of hands. But in most cases the above methods will work out for you.
Alex G
Alex G